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Below you will find the PDF sheets of music for several Hello Songs as discussed during the NYSAEYC Seminar on April 30, 2011 free for your download and sampling. The video sequences are demonstrations of each song to give each viewer a guide to implementing these activities in your own classroom.


Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello (PDF)

Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello (click for video)


Hello Times Three (PDF)

Hello-Hello-Hello (click for video)


Good Morning to Everyone (PDF)

Good Morning to Everybody (click for video)


Is Everybody Here This Morning (PDF)

Is Everybody Here This Morning (click for video)


Both Aldo Granzo and I would like to specifically thank Anuradha Patel and Josefina Morel for the patience and participation in the making of these videos.



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